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Tim Sylvia is always good for some lulz


You probably don’t spent a whole lot of time wondering anything about Tim Sylvia. But just in case you were wondering if he’d been training seriously for his Titan FC fight tonight against TUF 10 washout Abe Wagner, you may find part of the answer via the scale he stood on at the weigh-ins yesterday. It said “No.” Actually, it said “Aaaaargh! You’re killing me!” Okay, scales don’t talk. Well, some do, but even those only tell you how much a person weighs. This one said Timmy is currently 311 pounds.

And to think he was talking about laying off the food and preparing for a title run! Now it’s showdown time and the guy won’t even take his shirt off for the weigh-ins. He has the good grace to seem embarrassed about it, but we already knew the one thing Tim’s really great at is feeling bad about himself. It’s why I’m not gonna shit on him too much. Let he who hasn’t eaten three boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts on the toilet while weeping cast the first stone.