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Tim Sylvia gets knocked out

Ha ha. Tim Sylvia just got knocked out by 48 year old Ray Mercer. Keep in mind this fight ended up being an MMA match and not boxing:

Ray Mercer vs.Tim Sylvia


Tim Sylvia threw one kick then Mercer unloaded a right that connected on Sylvia and he tumbled like a 500 lb tree in the woods, Sylvia fell over and it seemed like it was in slow motion.

MERCER BY KO @ 10 seconds in the first round. This place is a madhouse.

Sylvia showed up for the fight weighing 310 pounds, leading many to ask if he’d even be able to hit the 265 pound heavyweight limit for his Affliction fight with Paul Buentello on August 1st. Now we’ll have to see if California decides to medically suspend him and kill that fight. Hey, just because the fight was held in unsanctioned Alabama doesn’t mean other commissions ignore what happened.