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Tim Sylvia is confused

Is Tim Sylvia getting tired of fighting ridiculous opponents for oddball promotions? Probably not enough to drop his asking price down to a more reasonable level, but he was recently on Tapout Radio saying he was interested in returning to the big leagues:

“I would imagine Strikeforce would be better for me because they would be a little more lenient with me instead of locking me down, there is a lot of things you can’t do when you fight for the UFC. With Strikeforce I could probably fight more often, the UFC has so many top guys now that they are only fighting twice a year and I don’t want to do that.

“I want to fight Overeem, Fedor again, Werdum is a good fight and me and Rogers would be a good fight. Arlovski I think would be [like our fight] number three again, me knocking him out. I think I ruined the poor guy, since I knocked him out he hasn’t been the same.”

It’s strange that Sylvia remembers the third Arlovski fight as a knockout because the only loss of consciousness related to that bout was from fans blacking out due to boredom. Plus Arlovski went on a four fight win streak after the stinky Silvia trilogy, hitting the skids only after Fedor stole his soul.

Last, I dunno where this “The UFC doesn’t give enough fights” crap comes from. Pretty much every fighter that leaves the organization for greener pastures ends up sinking into obscurity because they can barely sort out one decent fight a year. Strikeforce has been infamously bad at managing their roster of fighters. Meanwhile, UFC guys like Junior Dos Santos have already fought twice in 2010 and four times over the past 12 months. Sure, there’s a bit of a slowdown for bookings when you get into the title shot logjam, but seriously Tim. You don’t have to worry much about that.