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Tim Sylvia all secretive about Affliction show

Is Tim Sylvia just dumb or is he letting the cat out of the bag that Affliction is co-promoting their August 1st show:

“We have the contract at home, I am just waiting to get back and send it out,” he said. “I’m not allowed to say right now what the show is or who my opponent is.”

Asked if the show was a high profile one, Sylvia said “very”.  Asked if “very high profile”  meant Affliction, he laughed and shrugged. “I can’t say. I wish I could but I’m not allowed right now.”

However, the August scheduling of Sylvia’s next MMA fight does coincide with recent reports that Affliction will be staging its third show early in that month.

Of course it’s going to be the Affliction show, that’s pretty fucking obvious. So why is he being so coy? Either he’s just an idiot or the ‘PROMOTER’ field in his contract has something interesting in it other than just ‘Affliction’.

Yeah, I know … M-1 Global and Golden Boy might also be pseudo-involved. But I’ve been kinda expecting Affliction to team up with someone ‘for reals’. Anything to drop the price tag of their next show, right? Strikeforce after all is using Andrei Arlovski for their next show. And the Affliction gang just spent a week in Japan doing ‘stuff’.

Anyways, this is all random speculation from a guy with no insider information whatsoever (otherwise known as a standard Fightlinker post). But I figured I’d share the theory and we’ll all have a good laugh when it turns out Buckle is the co-promoter or something equally dumb like that.