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Tim Kennedy’s a little confused

As the UFC continues to strip away every delicious morsel of flesh from the dessicated carcass of Strikeforce, one of the benefits for fans is NEW AND EXCITING CONTENDERS! The UFC’s 185 pound division has gotten kinda stale since Vitor Belfort was front-kicked into oblivion earlier this year. Yeah, we’ve got the Silva-Sonnen rematch coming up, but where to after that? Jacare Souza and Tim Kennedy might not prove to be credible challengers to Anderson Silva, but at least we’ll get off the Leben / Stann / Sonnen / Okami / Munoz merry-go-round when they make the jump to the UFC.

So when news started surfacing that Tim Kennedy was moving to the UFC, I’ll admit that I got a little excited. A fighter profile for Kennedy appeared on the website and that seemed good enough reason for people to start talking about potential first match-ups for ol’ Soldier Tim in the big leagues until…

Can someone give me a source about me moving to the UFC?

Tim poured a big bucket of ice-cold, scrotum-shrinking water all over this whole thing on twitter at about 9PM Eastern time last night. So what’s the score here? Is he playing coy, waiting to spring a big UFC Surprise Announcement (TM) and &feature=related” target=”_blank”>go America all over everybody’s asses? Or is some web designer jumping the gun? I don’t know what the fuck’s going here and apparently neither does Tim Kennedy. OR DOES HE?!?!! Here’s hoping that if he is going to the UFC we get to see him take on Brian Stann to determine who The Most Rootinest-Tootinest Insurgent-Killin’est Amurrican Sumbitch in MMA is. It’ll be just like Liquid Snake vs. Solid Snake, except in a cage and not on top of a nuclear-equipped walking battle-tank.