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Tim Kennedy takes one for his sponsor

Two weeks ago it was announced that Tim Kennedy’s military themed clothing sponsor Ranger Up was out of Strikeforce because of the newly instituted Zuffa sponsor tax. Now Tim sounds a bit annoyed because that obviously cuts into the money he makes:

But holding his tongue just to please the brass isn’t exactly Kennedy’s style, which is why he can’t help himself when the conversation turns to how Zuffa’s stance on sponsors has affected his own personal finances after clothing company Ranger Up was put on the no-go list for this fight.

“It is a big, huge hit, financially,” said Kennedy, who added that he “might” be able to sport a National Guard sponsor logo, but otherwise has “zero sponsors.”

“Last time, I made about as much in sponsors as I did for my purse. This time I have none of that. … It’s a pretty gigantic problem. Half of my income was pretty much just [sponsors]. It’d be like, whatever your salary is at AOL, they said, ‘We’re just going to pay you half of that now.’ That said, I’m excited about the potential benefits of [Zuffa’s] marketing prowess and ability to get your name out there. Also, some of the match-ups are really intriguing. But I haven’t seen any of those benefits yet.”

Poor Kennedy! Zuffa has screwed him! Well, maybe it’s more like he screwed himself out of some crazy sense of loyalty to Ranger Up. Here he is laying out his dumbass financially ruinous plan right after the news was made public that Ranger Up was Ranger Out:

“I’ve been with Ranger Up for six years. They’ve been so loyal to me in every single way they possibly can supporting me as a sponsor. Even though I can’t be wearing them on my shorts, I won’t be wearing anybody. I’m going to reciprocate that. It’s going to be symbiotic. They’ve supported me and they’re going to continue to support me, so I’m going to be wearing blank fight shorts. I’ve going to be wearing a blank T-shirt. Zuffa is a great company and they are very business minded and they’re my bosses, so I can’t argue how or why they do things, I can just do what they tell me. So I won’t be wearing Ranger Up, but I’m definitely going to be supporting them in every way I can.”

Reminds me of how GSP wore blank shorts when Affliction was ousted from the UFC. The difference: GSP already had more cheddar than a cheese factory. Tim Kennedy? Not so much. Like most things involving Tim, there’s an uber-noble sentiment behind his actions. But jeez. Get some other sponsors. Get paid. Give some of the money to Ranger Up so they can pay the sponsor fee and be back in Strikeforce faster.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    He’s a part owner of Ranger-Up, isn’t he?  I think he’ll be ok.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Companies aren’t sponsoring fighters out of the goodness of their hearts. They want to have their product advertised directly to their target demographic so they can make money and the Zuffa air waves provides exactly that. Think of it as product placement on tv shows or in movies, gotta pay to play.

  • frickshun says:

    Kennedy is taking a very soldier-like demeanor about it. Other fighters need to learn from him. You don’t fucking piss off your boss unless you have other real options.

  • iamphoenix says:

    he’s a ranger he can deal with it. all you need is one MRE split among 5 joe’s. he’s got an airborne christmas to look forward too…12 magazines fully loaded, 3 pair underwear, 2 socks….

  • frickshun says: