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Tim Kennedy home from war

Good news / bad news time. Good news: MMA fighter and soldier Tim Kennedy is back from the middle east where he was serving a tour. Bad news: he got blown up a bit while in combat. Nothing too serious, but goddamn:

Tim Kennedy: I was working in [deleted for operational security]   with pretty much the greatest combat unit on the planet and we there to help give the people there an opportunity at a free life. It just so happens that some of the people there aren’t really up for it. They don’t like the idea of people not being underneath their thumb. We were there providing some aid to a village and we got IED’d (improvised explosive device) pretty part as a part of an ambush. I got a little bit of shrapnel wounds; some to my face and some to my arm. And then when I was trying to pick a guy up who was a part of the explosion, I didn’t permanently injure anything in my biceps but my adrenaline was going and his body was kind of heavy. As far as recovery, I am 100 percent. I’m doing doing two to three workouts a day right now and loving it.

There’s a whole interview with Tim over at 5 ounces which is worth reading. This is one of those cases where a fighter I didn’t know much about and didn’t care much about has suddenly become one of my favorites because of the coverage from MMA sites. So I’m pretty excited to see him in the ring again.