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Tim Boetsch outweighs Kendall Grove for the win

A lot of peope say they miss the old Tim Boetsch that manhandled David Heath and showed us what redneck judo was all about. I like to say I miss the imaginary Tim Boetsch we created in our mind after seeing that fight. Since then he hasn’t really managed to be very impressive. So how did his debut at 185 go?

Compared to Real Tim Boetsch of the past, he did quite well. He used his size advantage to drag Kendall Grove down at will and control him from top position. Boetsch spent the majority of the last two rounds using his weight in what looked like an attempt to push Kendall Grove right through the mat. There was some okay ground and pound, and one judo toss that managed to work. Other than that his key tool in winning this fight was control – it was rare that he wasn’t pushing, leaning or sitting on top of Grove.

As for Kendall, he was having some success with his knees on the feet but never seemed commited to using them, or committing to jitz attacks off his back. Good top control is smothering, and Grove just couldn’t get anything going throughout the entire fight. He deserved to lose 30-27, and it wouldn’t be hard for the UFC to justify cutting him after that performance.