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Tim and Randy go huntin’

If you’re a bored rich person with several hundred television channels and are looking for something to watch tonight (or avoid, depending on your taste), then check this out:

Randy Couture and Tim Silvia are at it again, yes they are in for yet another fight! This go around however they have their sights set on the same target: Birds … big birds! Armed with Boom sticks this show is bound to be a blast! So set your schedule, tune it and don’t miss the action.

The “Beyond The Hunt” episode airs on the Outdoor Network Channel,   Thursday March 26th at 8:30 PM (EST). Check your local listings.

Tim Sylvia is all about hunting, but why do I get the feeling that Randy Couture went along with this to make up for taking Tim’s belt away? And yes, I’m sorry … this is about the most interesting shit that’s going on right now. Shoot me in the head.