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Tickets for GSP vs Penn on sale this week

Normally I’m not one to pimp the UFC’s ticket sales, but I try to post about shit you guys care about from time to time and getting tickets to UFC 94 should be way way up there on that list. Like …

1. Oxygen
2. Water
3. UFC 94 Tickets
4. Food
5. Shelter

Simply put, I cannot think of a bigger fight that’s going to happen in the foreseeable future. MMA fans, UFC 94 is your mecca and if you happen to live anywhere near Vegas or have the means to travel there then it is your DUTY to make sure the event is filled with real fans and not the standard mix of casino trash and meatheads.

Here’s the details on how to get tickets. And for you BJ Penn fans out there … I wouldn’t pass this up because it’s not like there’s gonna be a rubber match.