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Ticket buyers pissed about UFC 106

We thought that the UFC would book Matt Hughes vs Josh Koscheck for UFC 106 because it was the only fight that would take away the sting ticket buyers originally expecting a Brocktastic event were feeling. It turns out we were only half right: Koscheck will face off with Anthony Johnson instead … and that has done very little to pacify a legion of pissed off fans. Steve Cofield took a swim around the forums and here’s the kind of messages he saw:

I am going to UFC 106 and I am extremely disappointed that the Lesnar fight is off and there is no replacement fight. There are only 7 fights on the card now. I paid alot of money to be at this fight and I am feeling severely ripped off. Dana you need to do something to make this right!

Come on UFC, you have to add another headliner. I spent $2,100 for my tix and Ortiz vs Griffin just isn’t worth it.

Wow, looks like I picked the wrong event to buy tickets to – pretty weak headlining fight for a PPV event…I really like Tito and Forrest, but you gotta add another big name match-up here.

I paid 500 bucks each for 2 tickets and now this card completely sucks. Who cares about Tito fighting Forrest. This is my first live ufc and my honeymoon which was planned completely around that fight. Does anybody know if you can get a refund cause I wouldn’t pay 100 bucks to see Ortiz and Forrest as the main event

But we like to think of ourselves as glass half full kinda people around here at Fightlinker. Here’s something out of our forums:

All the people and brokers trying selling tix on EBAY and Stubhub just saw the value drop by 75%. They were trying to sell $100 tickets for $300. Good luck with that now. I was able to get 2 $250 tix for UFC 98 (Machida vs Evans, formerly Mir vs Lesnar 2) for $140 each.