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Prepare to be bled dry

Those of you hoping for a bit of PPV relief in the New Year are about to be disappointed: Spike and the UFC weren’t able to reach an agreement on airing UFC 93 or 95. 95 I can understand . If they’re really gonna do Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell, then yeah … bleed us dry for that one. But Dan Henderson vs Rich Franklin … argh. It’s a big fight but call me old fashioned: no belt, no PPV!

93 was originally being talked about for Spike, but here’s what went wrong:

The simple reason why both these cards won’t be airing on Spike is because the network has a yearly production budget that kicks in on Jan. 1, and they don’t want to pay the high price of airing a UFC PPV from Europe so early in the year. The network was able to air two events in December and UFC 89 in October because it’s the end of the year and they had extra money in the production budget.

So basically the event was veto’d by pencil pushers for imaginary budget scheduling reasons. The only good news about this is we won’t have to deal with all the bullshit of tape delayed broadcasts. I suppose for those of us who still have jobs / homes / disposable income in the current economy, that factor might make this situation at least a little less annoying to swallow.

Still, between UFC 92 and UFC 94 we’re probably looking at roundabout 120 bucks going to Zuffa in under 30 days. And that’s assuming the UFC cuts us some slack on the price of UFC 93. I suppose the upswing for them in all this is that the more they make us pay for their events, the less we’ll have to spend on Affliction’s second show. Still, you can’t help but look at this grouping of events that doesn’t even hit Affliction with a bullseye and go “Man, someone fucked up this planning.”