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Three months and 5 grand for Strikeforce brawl participants

Tennessee has finally gotten off it’s butt and announced plans to punish people that were involved in last month’s nasty Strikeforce brawl. As you’ll see, they’re dealing with the situation in a rather interesting way. First, they aren’t saying who’s up for fines and suspensions. And more importantly, they’re trying to ram the punishments through throwing the book at anyone who tries to fight the charges:

In three of the cases, the commission found probable cause to authorize a formal hearing for a civil penalty of $20,000 each and associated costs, as well as a nine-month suspension. Each individual can agree to a “consent order” that would allow him to skip the hearing and agree to a $5,000 fine and three-month suspension.

In the fourth case, all of the particulars are the same except that the settlement fine would be $7,500. The larger amount represents an additional civil penalty because the individual did not respond to the commission’s inquiry as instructed.

A fifth case also recommends the larger $7,500 settlement fine because the individual did not respond to the commission’s inquiry. The individual is not licensed with the state, and the complaint also alleges “unlicensed activity,” according to Garrett.

Sherdog gets to the bottom of who’s being targeted:

Although the commission has not yet publicly identified the individuals, has identified four of the six cited as Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields, lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez, welterweight champion Nick Diaz, and middleweight Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

Nate Diaz would make five. Sounds to me like Tennessee just wants to get this all over with … the 3-month suspensions are about as limp dicked as you can get, and five thousand is just low enough to make it worth paying so you can avoid the possibility of paying twenty thousand instead. If my desire to see the guys involved fight again didn’t supersede my moral compass, I might actually be upset that everyone’s getting such a slap in the wrist.

If Tennessee is dating the suspensions as of the Strikeforce: Nashville card, then Miller, Diaz, Melendez, and Shields will be good to go as of July 18th. Of course, none of this is stopping Diaz from fighting this weekend in Japan. And again, even though that’s ‘wrong’, I’m still kinda glad … Sakurai vs Diaz is gonna be good MMA.