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Three minute rounds suck

Sherdog gripes about WMMA’s three minute rounds:

When Kaufman was smashing Tate during the first of three three-minute periods, a bell came two minutes early to the party, potentially changing the outcome of Kaufman’s decision victory. It happened again when in the second Tate earned a late momentum shift and saw it end abruptly thanks to an unwelcome ding ding.

At some lower levels, male combatants fight three three-minute rounds as well. However, Tate-Kaufman was a co-main event on a Showtime broadcast. That solidifies their worth while athletic commissions insisting on three-minute rounds implicitly state that female fighting, even if it’s on a grand stage, like say, CBS or Showtime, is second tier. That’s simply not the case.

The most frustrating part of the three minute round is how many finishes we don’t get to see because of them. Ironically enough, I bet many female fights would be shorter if you gave them more time. I’ve lost count of how many rounds are just getting started before they end again. But I kinda get the feeling that this is why there’s so much resistance to a five minute round. No one’s seriously worried about female fighters gassing out past 10 minutes. They just don’t want to give them enough time to really fuck each other up.