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Three finishes from RFA 2

50 year old Maurice Smith mercifully finishes off Jorge Cordova at 2:05 of the third round. He spent most of the fight picking Cordova apart in what was clearly a pretty brutal mismatch. Watch the fight, halfway through the first round it stops being a heartwarming tale of an old legend coming back to show he can still compete and turns into nothing more than a much more experienced fighter beating the sh*t out of a kid with a 4-2 record.

Poor Houston Alexander. He was winning before he was losing.

Everyone’s favorite gay pornstar Dakota Cochrane gets put to sleep. Count along with the RFA clock to see how long Herb Dean let things go!

  • FilmDrunk says:

    Good for Maurice, but got damn, it was hard watching him fight a dude whose idea of striking defense was to LEAN HIS HEAD INTO THE PUNCHES. I never trained at the Cecil Peoples karate chop academy, but I’m pretty sure leaning your face into strikes is a no-no.