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THQ promises to ride the UFC license hard

Every time anyone brings up how UFC Undisputed basically saved THQ from falling apart, they also follow it up with a question: what is THQ gonna offer as a follow up. The answer? UFC Undisputed, UFC Undisputed, and more UFC Undisputed:

“We plan to launch games based on UFC on an annual basis and to build this franchise with new technology and game play, additional platforms and increase sales outside of North America as the UFC brand continues its global expansion, said THQ honcho Brian Farrell in an investor conference call Tuesday.

“Over time, we plan to build our UFC franchise by expanding international sales and by developing games on new platforms such as hand held’s and the Nintendo Wii,” he added.

It should be interesting to see how hardcore they gut the engine to squeeze it onto the Wii and systems like the PSP. The Wii is the borderline retarded member of the fifth generation gaming console gang, but there’s still a chance THQ may figure out an entertaining way of randomly swinging the motion controller around that could be fun. I stopped playing the XBOX360 version of the game because all that submission crap was negatively affecting my knob polishing abilities.