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THQ is doin great!

Looks like the rights to make UFC video games weren’t the only thing THQ was getting rid of…

The THQ studio responsible for UFC Undisputed has been closed and all staff has been laid off. The closure came after the announcement by Electronic Arts that it has acquired the UFC gaming franchise from THQ at their E3 press conference.

The news does come as a surprise to not only the general public but to all employees as well. Furthermore, many speculate the timing for the closure coincided with the start of E3 as to not draw attention to the matter.

THQ has been marred with some financial troubles as of late. They have filed plans with SEC for a June 29th stockholders meeting in order to propose a reverse stock split to avoid being delisted from NASDAQ.

Just putting that sale into it’s actual perspective. Maybe there’s some jobs for these guys over at EA? Well, for anyone but the guy who invented ‘The Shine.’ He can go Shine himself as far as I’m concerned.