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THQ gimps UFC 2010’s online play

Thinking about renting UFC 2010 when it comes out to see if it’s worth owning or will share the dusty fate of it’s 2009 brethren? Then be prepared to shell out some extra cash to play online:

UFC Undisputed 2010 has joined the “Project $10” bandwagon – at half the price – walling off its multiplayer content behind a one-use code that costs $5 to anyone without it, i.e. those who rent or buy the game used.

The game’s street date isn’t until Tuesday, but someone already has the Xbox 360 version and uploaded this video, found by Pasta Padre, in which the Xbox Live menu is grayed out and displays an advisory that a code is needed to access online features. The code’s free in every new retail copy of the game, or may be purchased through the Xbox Live Marketplace, or PlayStation Network for PS3 version owners.

“Project $10” is the brainchild of Electronic Arts, who felt they weren’t making any money of people who buy second hand or rent games. It’s a gigantic pissoff and just the latest move from big game companies to make console gaming as fragmented and annoying as PC gaming ended up.

You might say THQ deserves that 5 bucks from people who don’t buy a fresh game but guess what, new copy owner! There’s a good chance this lame ass code will only be good for one gamertag, meaning households with more than one gamer will either have to share one online profile or pony up. Wanna bring the game to a friend’s place? Then I hope you weren’t expecting to get online! As with every type of lock that these assholes put on media, there’s several dozen ways that this gimping will manifest itself to piss off legit players who probably even paid the $5 without complaint. And that’s what really drives me nuts about this stupid system.