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Thoughts on WEC 50

  • Rodriguez said it all in his triumphant return to blogging today: Anthony Njokuani made a major mistake when he talked shit on Shane Roller for not standing with him.  When you accuse one opponent of being scared of a facet of your game (and, like an idiot, you throw in a homophobic slur for good measure), you better spend the rest of your career never getting beat in that phase of the game.  Instead, the Ass-ass-in (subliminal?) got a noob known for standing as his next opponent and got fucking tooled.  Karma’s a fag bitch.
  • I don’t think all of the WEC lightweights would get as tooled in the UFC as everyone seems to assume.  I think Pettis and Roller both have a lot to learn and the talent to do so on the big stage – if Evan Dunham wasn’t already awesome, he could be fighting the Mac Danzigs of the world as he developed.  Plus, if Zuffa would just MERGE THE FUCKING WEIGHT CLASSES ALREADY, then we’d probably see a lot of the 155er that couldn’t hack it in the UFC (yeah, everyone’s going to say Cerrone, but I flat-out disagree) make the cut to featherweight, strengthening that division even further.  Once again, Fightlinker (I speak for us all here) calls for the UFC and WEC to merge so that little guys can get paid and we can see what Benson and company can do in the Big Show.
  • Who saw a bunch of boring fights last night?  Raise your hands.  Now, in one swift motion, bring your still-open palm across your testicles like you just saw a spider on them.  MMA fans drive me nuts sometimes.  Do you people prefer lopsided ass beatings?  Stylistic match-ups that you can predict like clockwork?  Freak show fights???  Cruz/Benavidez was a 25 minute battle between the two best 135ers on Earth (sorry Joe Warren/Soto).  Almost every round could have gone one way or another, depending on one’s subjective judging criteria.  When a fight goes the distance and you’re waiting to hear the scorecards because you honestly don’t know who won, that’s a damn good fight.  Spoiled rotten, we’ve become.
  • I will walk across glass to go to the WEC show on September 30th in Broomfield.  I had to blow about 15% of my student loans on four new tires yesterday after my second complete failure on the highway in the last three weeks, and another 40% has already been spent on debt and books.  If you want to help (and show Ryan what a big boy he is for posting all day!  Who’s a big boy!), click click click and remember you don’t need money to start and there’s a ton of awesome MMA coming up.  If you’re so sure that Frankie shouldn’t be the #1 LW right now, put some cash on it.  If you win, either you can do something fun with it or you can buy some tires.  Fuck.