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Thoughts on the Roxy fight

Daaaaamn. So Roxy fought a good fight but in the end lost via slampage near the end of the third round in her title fight against Sarah Kaufman. It was a good effort and a good showing right up until the slam … I had Modafferi winning round 1 and 3 (again, until the end which obviously made the whole counting rounds thing completely obsolete).

Here’s how I broke it down: Kaufman was winning the striking exchanges when they were apart but whenever Roxy was on the inside and working the clinch (which was 90% of the fight) she was controlling the pace of the fight. From there Kaufman spent a lot of time leaning up against Roxy stalling and trying to avoid getting taken down. Whenever she did go to the ground she closed guard and locked her arms around Roxy to force the restart. Smart, but lame.

To Kaufman’s credit she showed more aggression and the slam was pretty epic (something slightly harder to enjoy though when the slammee is a personal friend). And while Roxy did show off those super attacks – flying knee, spinning back kick, and superwoman punch – overall her striking seemed to be going off with less power than we’ve seen in past fights.

All in all though, I liked what I saw from Roxy. She kept most of the fight in a place Sarah didn’t want to be, used some judo to get on top of her a few times, and was aggressive with pulling guard to try and get some jitz off her back going. We’ve seen Roxy hanging off people several times in the past, even once earlier in this fight. In the end it cost her, but overall I thought she did good.

WAR ROXY! She’ll be back!