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Those ultra-sexy pre-fight mist videos…

Evan Tanner gives us an inside look on how those super sexy promo mist videos are created. What? Did we ruin the fantasy for you???

  • That’s the magic of the UFC. A big fat lady standing on a chair with a windex sprayer. Funny Shit!

  • jd says:

    Evan Tanner is the man. Plain and simple. I don’t know many other fights that give fans an inside look on everything like he does. Hope he takes Yushin out.

  • Zurich says:

    What a great post by Tanner… two things tho – 1) wow what a job for that Leslie chick to have, oiling down fighters… and 2) who was that dude in all of Tanner’s pictures? His entourage of one? (or a platinum sponsor of Team Tanner?)

  • Swedish guy says:

    The scary thing is that when I read that Tanner just read the celestine prophecy I’m all like OMG WTG TANNER FTW, instead of thinking like the normal sane me. Tanner’s got me too much on the bandwagon for me to dislike him over a crappy new age fairytale.

  • Roxy says:

    Reading his blog was actually quite interesting.

  • Lifer says:

    pre-fight ‘MUST’? editing!

  • Captain says:

    I don’t even think I need to say “War Tanner motherfuckers!” anymore.

    Kind of suprised Ryan was up and posting so early after seeing what 10 bud heavies can do to him.

  • frickshun says:

    SHOCKING REVELATION: Evan Tanner wears make-up!!

    I don’t think I can support a cross-dressing alkie. But he does look like he’s in great shape . . .

  • MacDaddy says:

    Evan’s update his site from 1996-style to 2004-style. Here’s the link that actually works to the journal article:

  • Xenicore says:

    That picture is fantastic on so many levels. The chubby lady windexing down the half-nude fighter, the irony of the glamorous, tough-guy image they feed us of every fighter shadow-boxing in mist to hype a fight…My candidate for MMA-related picture of the year. Too funny.

  • Atom says:

    He admits he never set out to be a fighter and only got into the business on a lark. He said he gave it a shot because he saw heavyweight Paul Buentello use a spinning back kick to break his opponent’s forearm.

    “I saw that and thought it would be a neat story to have,” Tanner said. “I never really planned to be a fighter.“

    Breaking arms with spinning back kicks? This is the sport for me!

  • Atom says:

    Something about that doesn’t make sense though.. Buentello won his first two fights by submission (choke), and then lost his third.. to TANNER!

    Which ever fight Tanner saw must have been a Randy/Forest style arm-break, where he still went on to win the fight.

  • Captain says:

    Good catch, Atom. Another thing, according to Fight Finder, Tanner’s first three fights and Buentello’s first three fights all happened at the same tournament on the same day (United Shootwrestling Federation 4 – April 12, 1997). Unless Tanner saw Beuntello fight his first match and then jumped out of the stands and said let me in on this it sounds like something’s amiss with his story.