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This whole WEC / UFC thing is getting dumb

Dana White would like you to know that even though the UFC and WEC now share a common cable channel with Versus, they’re still going to keep playing this dumb “we’re two completely separate companies” game.

One question: WHY?????

And despite all those extra question marks, this isn’t a rhetorical question. I’m actually curious as to the logic behind this. Obviously there’s still gotta be a certain amount of separation because no matter how okay Spike says they are about the VS deal, they still limited the UFC to no more than 4 non-Spike TV shows a year. But this whole idea of building the WEC up into another PPV cash cow doesn’t seem very feasible to me.

Dana’s already said date-wise it’s getting pretty tough to slot all their events, and let’s face it: how much more MMA on PPV can we as fans really afford? There’s something to be said about quality over quantity here, guys. A 400k buy PPV and a 100k buy PPV is not as good as one 500k PPV.