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This week in MMA legitimacy

While it’s good to see the MMA fanbase so energized about the events of the past two weeks, you can’t help but wonder if all this StandGate and Junie shit is the beginning of a downward trend in the moral standing of the sport. Those of us on the inside tend to think that everyone is like us … they understand that EliteXC is EliteXC and doesn’t represent all of MMA. Or that the shit on TUF is not indicative of the sport or of the average athlete in it. But when you’re a fan AND a mainstream journalist, you see how the outside world really sees MMA, and it’s through a lens of ignorance that only magnifies any negative story that comes to light. Here’s Joe Ferraro’s view on the situation:

For the better part of the past decade I have spent countless hours educating anyone and everyone that would listen that the sport of MMA is legitimate and its athletes are real people with great stories to tell. From San Diego to New York, B.C. to Moncton, I have been to hundreds of events and been on dozens of mainstream radio stations to spread the word. There are a dozen more media figures that do the same (and probably more) and to see these past seven days crush our work has been frustrating.

The sport is here to stay and it’s not going to fade away, but it’s these unnecessary steps backward that can be avoided with some intelligent management. I’m all for a good time, seeing these guys have fun and what not, but why not just keep the dirty laundry in the basement? Many may not agree with my sentiments, and I can respect that, but after years of educating, it’s been a difficult week seeing all of it crumble the way it did.