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This video will either excite you for the arrival of women into the UFC or turn you into a passionate advocate against it

Personal disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of women’s MMA, okay. And not just because I hold unconventional views and disturbing fetishes about sexual roles and whatnot, but because they’re fighting for something more than just wins and losses and money and belts. They’re fighting for acceptance. And we can pontificate all we want about the value we as a society place on women, but the fact remains that a man still gets paid more for the same work, and in America we granted black people (1870) the “legal” right to vote a full 50 years before women (1920). And not to get all racial or anything, but you cannot deny how that speaks VOLUMES.

That being said, this video has some parts that make even me cringe. Sorry, Miesha, I know you can whoop my punk ass and neither need nor want my help or sympathy, but watching a girl take a knee to the face isn’t pleasant (at about the 3:35 mark). That’s just the way my momma raised me. However, I was also raised to believe people should be free to make their own decisions. So I fully support any woman, who by their own free will, enters into an agreement whereby they can be legally kneed and elbowed in the grill until they look worse than Ponyboy. And don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy watching any willing participant get their ass whooped for my entertainment, it’s just hard when the real brutality ensues and it’s a knee connecting with a feminine mandible. It’s getting easier though…baby steps.

So to usher in the era of women fighters in the UFC, please enjoy this video of chicks getting they motherfuckin asses kicked.