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This time it will be different, baby. For reals.

With another mediocre season of TUF behind us, it’s time for the next season to start getting hyped up. Yes, already. TUF 16 Finale: December 15th. TUF 17 Premiere: January 22nd. If only Game of Thrones and Walking Dead were scheduled like this. Anyways, here’s Dana doing his usual ‘THIS SEASON IS AMAZING! SERIOUS, GUYS!’ thing:

“I know you guys are going to call bulls— on me and all that,” he said. “I told you guys, last season of The Ultimate Fighter was the worst season in the history of TUF. This next season is so awesome and so badass. We have a guy on this season of The Ultimate Fighter, every fight he’s in, someone goes to the hospital.”

If that’s not enough to convince you to check out this nameless fighter who gives all his foes free ambulance rides, here’s more:

“The whole house is terrified of this guy,” White said. “F– terrified. Everybody. I picked this fight, and this guy is lined up with the guy I’m telling you about, and the guy has a nervous breakdown in the house over the weekend. Has a f– nervous breakdown. Freaks out and has a nervous breakdown. This guy scared the living s— out of everyone. It’s awesome.”

Notice the first thing Dana says is “I know you guys are gonna call bullshit”, and how can we not after a dozen seasons that were all the greatest seasons of The Ultimate Fighter with the Bestest Fights Ever? White had the decency to admit that this season’s TUF fights sucked elephant balls, but even that was a post-suck admission.

The guy is a promoter through and through – he’ll magnify any situation to make it seem worth tuning in to check out. I watched an entire season of TUF: Oz vs UK waiting for ‘the most heated rivalry in TUF history’ to break out and entertain me. All that must have ended up on the editing room floor because I didn’t see any of that. Let’s just hope this newest hype turns out better than ‘the next Anderson Silva.’