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This is why I don’t post about possible matchups

I don’t bother posting about rumored matches any more … I get burned way too much when I do. Take this string of occurrences for example: first it was rumored that Nogueira would face off with Frank Mir. Then Mir was going to fight Kongo. Then Nog was facing Kongo. Then it was supposed to happen on New Years Eve. Now it’s not happening on New Years Eve.

Fucking hell.

So yeah, unless it’s speculation on a major headlining matchup, I’m not gonna waste my time covering phantom bookings any more. But what I will do is speculate on why Nog/Kongo (if it’s actually gonna happen) was moved. The UFC’s shitty situation with UFC78 came about because they ran too many cards in too short of a time period and used up all their names. Between injuries and contract issues (Tito AND Arlovski), they had nothing left to pull out of a hat for UFC78. So my bet is they’ve decided to stop stacking their New Years show and spread the wealth out to other events in January / February to keep from being stuck in that position again.

If that’s the case, at least they’re taking precautions to ensure another ‘New Jersy’ doesn’t happen again.

  • Yeah I gave up posting rumored matches over on MMAPredictions because I realized I’d have to hire a full time employee to keep on top of everything. If it’s not officially posted on a promoter’s website, I try not to spend cycles thinking about it.