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this is going to hurt your brain

The group of monkeys running Affliction think it’s a good idea to run their third (and likely final) MMA show on the same night as UFC 100. You know — the same UFC 100 that’s going to be promoted as the biggest fight card ever in the history of ever. From Five Ounces:

If enough fighters were willing to accept a reduced rate to compete on the show and if a deal with a suitable television partner could be reached, the door would then be open for Affliction to go head-to-head with UFC 100.

One source also indicated to us that the possible July event for Affliction could be the company’s last MMA show, with the popular lifestyle clothing label looking to “go out with a bang” by going up against UFC 100.

When contacted by for comment, Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio said he could neither confirm or deny our report.

The fact that Atencio didn’t immediately shoot this down means there’s at least some truth behind it. And I have to say — what a goddamn stupid idea. But goddamn stupid ideas are exactly what we have come to expect from these ass clowns. This is literally the equivalent of the Arena Football League putting their year end game on the same night as the Super Bowl. Instead of having limited viewers, you’re going to have absolutely no viewers. That’s going to do wonders for your profit margins you silly bastards.

This is also contingent on two factors: (1) fighters accepting a reduced rate of pay and (2) a TV network actually agreeing to do business with Affliction. Neither is likely, considering people generally don’t like to get paid less and the only networks interested in MMA — Spike, Versus, CBS, Showtime, and ESPN — already have deals in place with other organizations. HDNet doesn’t count because nobody gets it. HBO would be an option but I just don’t see that happening. Basically, these turd burglars have about as much a chance of meeting those two goals as I do of waking up next to Megan Fox. Being that the girl refuses to drop the restraining order, my chances are pretty low.