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Think twice before troll-tweeting people in combat sports


Twitter is great / terrible because it allows regular people to get in touch with public figures around the world. Great because more access and interaction can be a good thing! Terrible because of course people use it to troll and talk mad shit. Sometimes it’s fun to take a look at what people are saying to various fighters – the amount of vitriol and hate they spew is impressive. I’m a cunt, but I keep it relegated to my little corner of the internet like a decent keyboard warrior. These people WANT to upset and piss off their targets. Which is what makes this story so great:

British Boxer Curtis Woodhouse was the target of the online abuse from Twitter user jimmyob88 – who quickly backed down when he realised that Curtis wanted to confront him in person. The incident started with jimmyob88 tweeting Curtis: “retire immediately cant even defend a pathetic little title you are a complete disgrace #awfulboxer”

Initially the boxer brushed off the insult, simply responding “lol” – however jimmyob88 persisted, tweeting: “Whats so funny u put so much effort in sacrificed all that time and failed to defend your mickey mouse title”

The boxer then had enough of the taunts, and tweeted: “ill give £1000 to anybody that provides me with address and picture of this man! knock knock!!”

The user  jimmyob88 continued to mock the athlete: “what u going to do knock me out like your last opponent ooops”

However when Curtis tweeted the name and address of the user, he suddenly backed down: “chill out pal i was only doing it so you would bite back it was only abit of harmless fun”

The boxer later tweeted: “just on my way to sheffield to have a little chat with a old friend, get the kettle on @jimmyob88”

A worried jimmyob88 tweeted: “i was only joking about Didnt think you would be bothered thought you would take them as a joke”

“i am sorry its getting abit out of hand i am in the wrong i accept that” he said in another message.

However Curtis was undeterred, and posted a picture of himself at the address to prove he was there, calling out the “keyboard warrior”.

After an hour it appeared as though Curtis had given up, as he tweeted: “@never came out to play so im going back home! maybe a bit daft what i did today but sometimes enough is enough”

(via /r/mma/)

  • frickshun says:

    That’s fucking awesome!!

  • CAP says:

    Watch your back soobo.

  • kwagnuth says:

    I am in the wrong I accept I wonder who ratted him out for teh grand.

  • iamphoenix says:

    what a bitch

  • Fitdaws says:

    That is great! Love it…

  • Danny says:

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