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Things you missed while you were eating turkey

Being a Canadian, I have no idea how Thanksgiving works down in the States. I figure there’s a good chance a lot of you have taken the day off so you get a super-mega 4 day weekend … good for you! I figure you’re also spending time with your families and any time in front of the computer is considered ‘rude’ and ‘solitary’ behavior. So if you don’t have the time to catch up on all the AWESOME content we delivered yesterday, here’s the two important stories you should read:

After Zuffa bought out the WEC, the original co-owners were left at the helm of the company. But not anymore: both guys have been demoted, allegedly on account of a fuckup that resulted in the Cerrone / McCullough fight not making it onto the last WEC broadcast in favor of the embarrassing Jake Rosholt fight. This is kinda a big deal for anyone who gives a shit about the WEC, and no one seems to be paying any attention to this news.

The other interesting thing is that interim CSAC deputy Bill Douglas suspended drug testing in California to re-vamp their procedures. Now you gotta figure this is either a very lazy / stupid way to do things, or there was something seriously wrong with the current CSAC drug procedures. At this point no one knows if Douglas is another buttmunch or not, so it’s still unclear which of those two options is more likely. But it’s definitely something to keep in mind moving forward.

Past that, enjoy the rest of your family time! Just remember that when the honeymoon ends and you all start bickering over crap, you can still escape to the computer for more updates from us at Fightlinker. We’re Canadians, ergo we are not thankful for anything.