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Things to do in Columbus when you’re drunk

Zak at Watch Kalib Run has taken the time to sort out an extensive list of shit to do in Columbus over UFC 96 weekend. Here’s some of the highlights:

– Friday night MMAJunkie and American Fighter team up for a pre-UFC 96 party at Mynt Ultra Lounge. Rich Franklin and Bruce Buffer will be in attendance. Call Josh at (614) 989-8258 to reserve a table.

– Also on Friday night Fight Magazine and Cagepotato will be holding a pre-party at the Sugar Bar and there’s has an open bar (take that stupid MMAJunkie fuckers hahaha!). Well the open bar is only for VIP’s from 8:30-10:00pm, but if you are not on the list you can still get in after ten o’clock. No word on the UFC fighters that will be there, but there is a ring girl contest hosted by Bruce Buffer! Wait a second I thought he was at the Junkie party? How could you betray me Bruce!?

– There will be a bunch of Canadians coming down on Crash MMA’s party bus, (including the fightlinker crew). Their website says they are going to a kick ass after party but it doesn’t say where. I guess you have to be in the Canadian cult to get in.

FYI I’ll be at the Sugar Bar on Friday for the CagePotato party because that’s where Benny F is and he’s letting me sleep on the couch in his hotel room afterwards. Seriously, how sitcom is that?

I’m also gonna try to make it to the Mynt for a few minutes earlier on in the night. But it sounds like the kind of place where they ID you using your credit card and there’s no way my Canadian Tire Visa will cut it. They are an “ULTRA” club after all, and so trendy they didn’t need to spell ‘Mint’ properly.

Last but not least, I’ll be at the Sugar Bar some more on Saturday for the 5-7 pre-event and then the afterparty as well. Now that I think about it, I’m gonna be stuck at this fucking Sugar Bar for half the weekend. Fortunately, my bud Kris from MMA Frenzy will be in town and we always have good times. Plus I’m hoping to get some time in with the Junkie guys as well.

Again, if you’re gonna be in Columbus and wanna meet up, shoot me an email.