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Things getting rocky for TKO

One of Canada’s biggest MMA promotions, TKO, looks like it may be in a little bit of trouble. You may remember last week’s article about Jonathan Goulet leaving TKO on bad terms. Well now it seems like it’s not just Goulet who’s unhappy with TKO head Stephan Paltry. Steve Claveau from Montreal’s main MMA training team ‘The Legion’ has publicly said he’ll be sending his fighters to other promotions rather than TKO. And word is that Team Tompkins is also unhappy with TKO (although Shawn Tompkins seems to hate everyone these days). These two groups hold a large number of the most popular and talented fighters in Ontario and Quebec, so it definitely wouldn’t be good if they were not letting their fighters participate in TKO events any more.

  • Jonathan says:

    I hate TKO to. I prefer good ol’ fashioned one punch knockouts and not that gay wussy technical knockout crap. I mean, what is a technical knockout anyways?

  • Robert Wood says:

    Jonathan, I technical knockout, or TKO, is when the ref stops the fight. I, too, prefer an old fashioned KO, but you gotta protect the product.

  • Jonathan says:

    Not sure what you mean Robert, but doesn’t the ref always stop the fight, save for a decision or a tapout?

  • Yeah but TKO is like what MacDonald did to Singer at UFC72 … stoppage due to strikes is called a TKO. Kinda bull in my opinion. Everyone is hyping up this article as the end of TKO the company, but the truth is I bet people will break when they realize Patry’s got the money and the connections and isn’t about to let someone take it away without a fight. Should be entertaining

  • Jonathan says:

    Does anyone get that my OP was a joke?

  • No joking allowed on this site.