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Thiago Silva’s back! It’s really messed up

I mentioned in the “Which ass will Jon Jones kick next” post that Thiago Silva’s back is messed up, but here’s some more descriptive subject matter on that topic to give you the proper scope:

Silva had three herniated discs in his back at the time he fought Rashad Evans (UFC 108), yet he still managed to take the fight the distance. Immediately after the fight he underwent treatment, including extensive physiotherapy.

“After the fight against Rashad went to the best specialists in Florida and found the presence of three disc herniations at different locations of the spine. From there we made a program of physiotherapy for six months and he was responding well,” Dias told Tatame.

“But two weeks ago the pain grew too much, he was hurting his back even during an aerobic workout in the pool. We went back to the doctors and he took eight injections of cortisone but the pain was still too much, so we had to cancel the fight.”

His coach goes on to call Silva a ‘true warrior’ for having fought Rashad Evans, but I dunno. Now his back isn’t just really screwed up, it’s totally borked. If he had spent the time lifting filing cabinets up flights of stairs instead of training while injured we’d call him an idiot and condemn the people who let him work through that shit. But in the fight game it’s okay to push through that shit, blow a chance at a title shot, and risk your future. WARRIOR!