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Thiago Silva talks about his brain

While I was gone being lame and not posting, Thiago Alves had a little scare in the form of a brain irregularity. The issue took him off UFC 111 and for a few days Dana was doing his ‘may never fight again’ thing but fortunately thus far Dana is 0-2 with those predictions (with Steve Cantwell still a question mark). Some tests and an operation, and Alves is as good as new. Here he is talking about the situation and the procedure with MMA Weekly:

“You’ve got a vein, you’ve got an artery. A vein is low pressure; an artery is the high pressure. Once they touch inside your brain they cause bleeding, and they saw a vein and an artery were pretty close from each other, and they didn’t know if it was something that I was born with, or if it was something that happened over the years,” said Alves.

“So what they do with the angiogram is they make a small incision on my groin, and they put a catheter inside. They shoot dye all the way into my brain and with the dye they can see clearly what it is, if it’s something that needs to get fixed.”

The dye revealed the vein and the artery were causing a minor problem, and doctors were able to go in and fix the issue right away.

“They put superglue between the vein and the artery. That’s what the doctors told me ‘just tell everybody you’ve got superglue in your brain right now, and you’ll be alright.’ So that’s what I’m going to tell everybody,” said Alves. “That was the procedure pretty much.”

Sadly, there’ll be no Frankenstein stitches to ooh and aah at the next time Alves steps into the cage (UFC 115 in VanCity vs Fitch, by the way). Apparently the only scar he has is on his hip, which seems almost unfortunate to me. You can get into a dude’s headmeat to superglue his brain while not leaving a mark but the incision on his hip is going to be a problem? It’s like the time I got stabbed and all it left was this tiny pussy scar. Hardly impressive when talking to the ladies.