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Thiago Silva NOT injured.

Yep, we’re at the point where fighters not being injured is news. A few days ago, word started floating around the MMA blogosphere that Thiago Silva was injured, but that the UFC was paying him extra to rub some sand on it and stay on the card. The story gained some momentum because hey, injuries are barely big news any more and it fits into the whole gypsy curse meme that UFC 108 has been rocking since mid-October. Turns out though that the story ain’t true:

“That report is completely false,” Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, said. “Thiago is 100 percent and he’s busy preparing for this fight.”

The original report suggested that Silva alerted the UFC of his condition and the organization offered to up his purse if he could remain on the card and face former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans (13-1-1 MMA, 8-1-1 UFC).

Davis insisted that no such discussion had ever taken place and that it would actually go against all previous discussions he has ever had with UFC brass regarding injured fighters.

“Not only has the UFC not paid any extra money for Thiago to fight through an injury, but to the contrary, in my 10 years of dealing with the UFC, (matchmaker) Joe Silva and the staff have always said it’s better to pull out of a fight if you’re hurt rather than lose a fight because you’re injured,” Davis said.

I’m glad to hear that the story is bogus, because paying an injured fighter extra to fight is kinda sketchy.