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Thiago Silva needs to get off defense

For a guy who got to where he is today by being a vicious nose-flaring throat slitting gunslinger, Thiago Silva sure wasn’t very aggressive last night against Rashad Evans. To a certain degree you can’t blame him. Walking and chewing gum at the same time might not be the most challenging thing in the world, but defending yourself from a Rashad Evans takedown clinic while headhunting is probably a bit more complicated.

Still, this is where it comes down to gameplans and who executed theirs. Rashad Evans was in control of the fight for the first two and a half rounds, and Thiago was unable to do much other than look frustrated. Whatever he was trying to do wasn’t working until he managed to pump himself up and actually start throwing leather in the dying minutes of the fight. By then he was either too tired or too off his game to capitalize when he put Rashad on queer street with a huge right.

It seems to me that Thiago Silva is at his best when he’s rushing forward brawling away. I’ve also noticed that he usually doesn’t do that until things go wrong – he’s a notoriously slow starter, not in the way that it takes him a certain amount of time to get going but he doesn’t until he almost gets taken out. Perhaps he and his coaches are overthinking their strategies. Let Silva be Silva. Sometimes it will cost him like in his fight against Lyoto Machida. But sometimes not doing it costs him as well, like it might have against Rashad Evans.