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Thiago Silva fails another drug test, the UFC responds with a tender slap on the wrist

The first time Thiago Silva failed a drug test it was because he used a urine adulterant – a laborious term basically meaning he tampered with his piss to conceal some funky shit. That little stunt ended up costing him $47,500 and a year out of the game, which assuming the worst case scenario of only one fight (a loss) in that year, with his 55/55 contract that means he lost $102,500, and probably much more with sponsorships, possibly another fight purse, bonuses, etc.

That’s a lot of bucks to flush down the toilet, and you would assume a fellow would learn his lesson and stay away from banned substances. But not Thiago Silva. After staging a come-from-behind arm triangle victory against Stanislov Nedkov at the UFC on FUEL 6 event, and winning Submission of the Night in the process, we now learn that Silva has failed yet another drug test, this one for marijuana metabolites. And from the information available at this time, it seems Silva has no incentive to heed the lessons of his past because the UFC really isn’t doing dick to him.

The company has issued the usual mundane public relations statement:

“Thiago Silva tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his bout at UFC on FUEL TV in Macau. The UFC organization has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents. Silva has admitted to taking the banned substance and has agreed to participate in an approved drug-rehabilitation program and serve a six-month suspension retroactive to the November 10 event. He must pass a drug test upon completion of the suspension before receiving clearance to fight again.”

Strict? Let’s see. He’s suspended for six months, retroactively, even though he probably wasn’t going to fight again for close to that anyway. He aint going to no shithole Salvation Army rehab either, I can guarantee you that. I have to assume the UFC will send him to a resort rehab with private rooms, catered meals, and scenic landscape to hang out with Ed Herman, work out, and hit on the young, suburban head case hotties who’ve been dumped there by their parents. And MMAJunkie confirmed that Silva will face no financial penalty. Not exactly sure what that means, if he gets to keep his $55,000 win bonus, $40,000 SOTN bonus or whatever, but “no financial penalty” sounds pretty definitive.

If there are no monetary repercussions then I got to say Silva made out pretty well here. Sure, there’s the hilarity of going to rehab for weed, and the fact that his career isn’t exactly sizzling at the moment. He’s 1-3 with two no-contests over the past four years, and effectively out of the title hunt for the foreseeable future. But for a second drug pinch he’s getting off pretty easy, even if it is just some harmless, non-performance enhancing weed.