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These are not encouraging words

Kimbo Slice is fighting in the UFC this weekend and above all the haterade being served in anticipation, he’s not raising many people’s expectations with comments like these at yesterday’s open workout:

Despite spending recent months training with the famed American Top Team, Slice said his weight reduction has proven largely a solo process.

“I haven’t really asked no one,” Slice said. “I really did this on my own. I changed my whole eating habits and cut back on my own.”

And Slice said the eating habits have been his primary concern. Slice admitted he wasn’t planning on any type of dehydration process.

“I don’t know about water-cutting,” Slice said. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

So let me get this straight. Kimbo is training with American Top Team – home to some of the most retarded weight cutters in the sport like Thiago Alves and Gleason Tibau – and he’s doing his cut on his own without even an understanding of what water cutting is? That’s Sarah Palin levels of ignorant. But where the fuck is ATT in all this? What’s Kimbo’s thoughts on them?

Here’s his thoughts on them with

“They’re teaching me the ABC’s of jiu-jitsu and the ABC’s of becoming a mixed martial artist, and that’s what I think I was lacking in the whole beginning of my career,” he said. “I was just kinda thrown out there and I said ‘hey, let’s just go for what we know.’ And I really went on heart and guts. I fought guys who all had the ability to just mop the cage with me but who were unable to do so because of the heart and the way I was coming. Now I’m up under ATT, who are really giving me the ABC’s of everything and I think I’m gonna be somewhat of a threat to a lot of the guys that I fight as time goes on.”

And here’s what he was saying at the open workout:

Reporter: “Overall, how do you feel about the experience at American Top Team the last couple months of preparation?”

Slice: “For what it’s worth, I guess it’s OK.”

Reporter: “That’s it? Just OK?”

Slice: “Yeah.”

Of course, he could just be grouchy because of the cut, but that cut was only from 235 pounds to 215 pounds – something ATT could have gotten Kimbo to with some garbage bag biking and a day at the sauna. For whatever reason, they didn’t. Who knows if it’s on them or on Kimbo but it sounds to me like Kimbo might be showing up with some pretty shaky ABCs.

(picture via All Elbows’ twitter)