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Their own worst enemies

Jim Genia’s got a hilarious Top 5 list: Heavyweights who are their own worst enemies. Here’s the first three:

  1. Josh Barnett – the man has submission skills, can bang when he has to, and has long been considered one of the best in his division. Unfortunately, on the eve of his match-up with the man considered the best heavyweight in the world, Barnett screws himself and his considerable number of fans out of what should have been his crowning achievement: a win over Fedor. Damn you, athletic commission, for your random drug screenings!
  2. David “Tank” Abbott – the ultimate slugger who elevated not training into an art form. Tank was the sport’s first heel, alternately loved and despised by one and all, and came thisclose to winning a UFC belt. Alas, it was never meant to be. Damn you, lungs, for needing oxygen!
  3. Bobby Hoffman – a talent-rich heavyweight from the Miletich camp, this guy had knockout power and could compete in the Octagon with the best of them. He was also apparently crazy as a loon, and on the night of his last UFC loss, he beat on his new bride and wound up in the slammer. Damn you, brain chemistry, for needing regulating!

Who will claim the last two spots? Only one way to find out.