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The Worsties: Worst Ref Nominations

Is there anything worse than having an awesome fight fucked up by a stupid ref? Lots of people like to say that being a ref is one of the hardest jobs out there, but personally I think that’s just an exageration perpetrated by refs to cover for when they screw up. And boy, do they ever screw up. Considering the basic concept of two guys going at it in a cage, there’s a surprisingly long list of ways in which a fight can be pooched by the third man in the ring. This award goes to the ref who has managed to do that in epic fashion. You can nominate someone based on a single huge fuck up or for a consistent string of fuck ups.

Right off the bat, I know that Dan Miragliotta will be a force to be reckoned with. His reffing of Slice / Thompson aside, I hear there’s a ton of examples where he fucked up at smaller shows. But let’s not forget Mario Yamasaki, who’s infamous for letting fights go way too long. Or Steve ‘Pornstache’ Mazzagatti, who’s extensive shitlist recently made it’s way onto Yahoo’s MMA blog. And who can forget Herb Dean, who’s kept a low profile lately but used to be at the center of half the controversial stoppages out there. Last but not least, knowledgeable fans know the terror of Cecil Peoples reffing a match.

There’s so many options to choose from! What we need from you are your nominations, along with examples of specific fuck ups. This way we can complile not just a list of nominees, but a detailed history of their exploits to boot.

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