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The Worsties: Worst Commentary

I don’t know another sport out there that has such a hard time finding good help in the announcer’s booth. Maybe it’s because the sport is still so young or because MMA fans are impossible to please, but there ain’t an event that goes by where someone isn’t sticking powertools in their ears to drown out the droning of whatever buttfuck moron is providing play by play.

So we all hate different commentators for different reasons. But now we’re going to get to decide who is the most hated commentator of all. Put your nominations in the comments section along with specific instances of retardation or explanations of their general stupidity!

We’ve already got these other categories open for nominations:
-Dumbest Fighter
-Worst Ref
-Most Overpaid Fighter
-Worst Overall Event
-Worst MMA Clothing Company
-Biggest Dickhead Promoter

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