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The Worsties: Worst Case of Missing Weight voting

Fighters are paid to do two things: show up on weight and fight. How well they do these things depend on training and diet and a thousand other things, but when you boil things down to the base, that’s all they have to do. Make weight. Fight. The end. But some fighters can’t even seem to do this. This award goes to the fighter that has fucked up making weight the worst.

Thiago Alves @ UFC 85
Everyone’s always talking about how huge Thiago Alves is. He tells people that he walks around above 200 pounds, and from his appearance that’s not too far fetched of a fact. That extra size gives him a big advantage in the cage, so it sucks pretty hard when he doesn’t make weight. At UFC 85 he came into his 170 pound fight at 174 pounds. His excuse was an ankle injury which prevented him from putting in the cardio he needed to cut. That injury didn’t stop him from absolutely trouncing Matt Hughes during their fight. This also wasn’t the first time he’s had weight troubles … he was suspended for using a diuretic to make weight in the past.

Gina Carano @ EliteXC: Primetime
Gina has about the shittiest track record in the history of MMA when it comes to making weight. The absurd thing about all this is EliteXC created a new weight class specifically for her, yet she still never seems to hit it. In this case, she came into her 140 pound limit fight at 144.5 pounds. Gina blamed her American Gladiators schedule as the reason she wasn’t able to make weight. Kaitlin Young probably doubled her earnings off the money they took from Gina’s purse, but that didn’t keep her from having the snot beaten out of her.

Nick Diaz @ EliteXC: Return of the King
In the world of weight cutting, missing weight by 2 pounds is considered really bad. 4 is insane. So imagine everyone’s reaction when Nick Diaz showed up for his 160 pound fight against Muhsin Corbbrey weighing 169 pounds! He followed this up by claiming it was from injesting salt water while swimming in Hawaii. Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhh. I’m sure it had nothing to do with Nick fighting at 170 pounds a few weeks earlier in Japan.

Paulo Filho @ WEC 36
Everyone was wondering how Paulo Filho would fare after taking time off for depression and painkiller addiction. It turns out … not so well. He showed up for his 185 pound fight with Chael Sonnen at 192 pounds. He managed to get down to 189, but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Not title matches. Yep, Filho was the WEC middleweight champion and because he missed weight, Chael Sonnen didn’t win the belt after defeating him. If that’s not bad enough, Sonnen had promised his father on his deathbed that he would become the champion.

Jason Guida @ TUF 8
You’d think after watching TUF7, the fighters involved in TUF8 would know that they needed to show up on weight and ready to fight on day 1. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have informed Jason Guida of this fact. And so the first episode of the season featured Jason cutting to the point where cramps had him doubled up on the floor with his genitals and anus for all to see. The goal was to hit light heavyweight … 205 pounds, or 206 with the one pound gimme. He made it to 207 before NSAC head Keith Kizer stopped him out of fear for his health, effectively kicking him off the show.

Honorable Mentions: Tyra Parker at Strikeforce Payback came in 4 pounds over, because why act professional when you’re just a jobber?

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