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The Worsties: Worst Arrest Voting

It seems like every other week there was another story about MMA fighters getting into hot water with the law. And there’s a good reason for that: it practically was every other week. We have 14 nominees for Worst Arrest … I decided to include all the fighters who were arrested rather than try to make any crazy calculations based on fame and severity of crime. There is no guideline to judge what you consider the worst arrest of the year … it can be the the most heinous crime or it can be the most high profile arrest, or just the lamest one. It’s up to you. So here’s your nominees!

Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett
Krazy Horse has spent so much time in and out of jail that it wasn’t a question of whether he had been arrested in 2008, it was how many times he’d been arrested. For Bennett, it was actually a pretty quiet year: he was only arrested once, which marked his 25th arrest since 1997.

This time the charges would be battery and strangulation in relation to a domestic dispute. The arrest would once again derail his fight career … he was scheduled to fight Victor Valenzuela for King of the Cage in two days. This was set to be the third time the two fighters clashed, but instead ended up being the second time they didn’t face each other because Krazy Horse was in jail.

Eric Bradley
Eric Bradley is only 2-1 in his short MMA career but has a higher than normal profile in MMA because he came from Team Takedown, a unique concept camp that financially supports it’s fighters by paying them while they train and develop. He was a two time all American wrestler, 2003 national boxing champ, and was signed with EliteXC.

You can add thief to that list of accolades, as Bradley was arrested in June for burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, criminal trespassing, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, prowling, and loitering.

Jason Chambers
Jason Chambers isn’t just the host of the History channel’s Human Weapon show. He’s also an accomplished mixed martial artist with a record of 18-6. Less impressive is the fact that he was arrested on November 11th on suspicion of using some sort of drug to rape a woman. A week later, the Los Angeles district attorney threw the case out citing insufficient evidence. Chamber’s lawyer released a statement claiming the whole thing was a result of the claimant’s “ludicrous contentions.”

Devin Cole
Cole is a WEC, PFC and IFL veteran who’s record is littered with losses to the likes of Allan Goes, Krzysztof Soszynski, Ben Rothwell, and Rafael Cavalcante. Fortunately for him, his battle with the court system would turn out slightly better. Cole was arrested in June and charged with first degree rape, two counts of first degree sodomy, and two counts of first degree sexual penetration. He was indicted on all five charges by a grand jury but later managed to deal his case down to assault in the fourth degree and sexual harassment in exchange for pleading guilty.

Luke Cummo
This Worstie features a whole bunch of people who have committed stupid and / or horrible crimes. But no one’s arrest is quite as retarded as Luke Cummo’s. We all remember Luke as the kooky guy from season 2 of the Ultimate Fighter. He made it all the way to the finals before losing to Joe Stevenson, and has since gone 3-3 in the UFC. But he’s best known for the strange shit he does outside the ring … he follows the teachings of a health nut named Dr Jub and is known to drink his own piss.

So when we heard that Luke had been arrested for driving while impaired by drugs, we thought it sounded a bit off. Luke using drugs? We might believe that he’d fight with a liter of coffee up his ass, but drugs? Nah. So we sat back and waited for Luke to explain himself, and boy was it worth the wait when he did.

He basically said that he was in a room with other people who were smoking weed and got a 2nd hand high. That combined with eating a shitload of chicken wings totally fucked him up, causing him to drive all goofy. So long story short he was arrested for driving under the influence of chicken.

Hermes Franca
I like Hermes Franca, but I’ve always gotten the impression that he’s a bit of a dumbass. From doing steroids before a fight where he was guaranteed to be tested to requesting a release from the UFC during his suspension so he could fight in Japan (too bad commissions don’t let that fly), there’s lots of examples of Franca acting da fool.

But nothing is dumber than driving under the influence and that’s what Hermes was booked for on his way home from WEC 36. A statement from Franca’s management claims the fighter was merely falling asleep at the wheel and not drunk, as if that makes slamming a car into a pedestrian less deadly. He was set to go to court on December 10th, but no one really followed up on what happened to the case.

Leonard Garcia
Most of us have a few dodgy friends in our lives who are probably up to some kind of shenanigans. Unfortunately, if you happen to reside in Texas and those shenanigans include cocaine, you’re liable to end up busted as part of a 4 year investigation netting 13 people and two kilos of Bolivian marching powder. WEC fighter and 6th ranked featherweight Leonard Garcia was hit with charges of conspiracy to traffic cocaine and was facing 40 years in jail and a $4 million dollar fine. In other words, his shit was going to get wrecked.

While the charges and penalties levied against Garcia were serious indeed, this story concluded with a happy ending: four months later, federal charges were dropped. And while he still faces state drug charges, he seems confident enough that he’ll be cleared and that this was all a case of guilt by association. In addition, he knocked Jens Pulver the fuck out and is now prepping to fight for the WEC featherweight belt.

Melvin Guillard
After a 36 second knockout of Dennis Siver, Melvin Guillard was on top of the world and claimed that the ‘new Melvin’ was done getting in trouble and causing problems. One months later, he was arrested for violating his probation on a 2007 drug charge. It was unclear how long his jail sentence was, but he was arrested mid-August and was removed from October’s UFC 90 card.

Enson Inoue
This might not seem like a big deal in America – er, wait. Let me try this again. This might not seem like a big deal in Canada or Europe, but over in Japan they take marijuana possession very seriously. As part of a police sting to catch celebrities who smoke the devil’s weed, Enson was nailed sitting in his car with 17 grams of pot stashed in the sunroof and on his person. Further searches of his gym and home turned up nothing, but that didn’t stop Enson from being put in prison for a month. It also effectively ruined his chances of a return to the Japanese fight scene for the foreseeable future.

Jeremy Jackson
Jackson is a former UFC fighter who jumped into our hearts on the 4th season of the Ultimate Fighter … by jumping the fence of the house and getting kicked off the show. All this over some random chick. Prior to getting evicted, he revealed to another cast member that he was basically homeless and living out of his car.

Anyways, now that we’re all familiar with the generalities of Jackson’s MMA career, here’s what he did to bring down the heavy hand of the law: Two counts of forcible rape, two counts of sexual assault, one count of sex crimes (aggravated circumstances), kidnapping to commit another crime, assault with a firearm, first degree residential burglary, dissuading a witness by force or threat, and uttering criminal threats.

There’s not a whole lot else that’s known about this case … it seems like Jackson fell off the face of the earth following the arrest and there’s not a lot of info to say what’s happening with his case or if he’s currently in jail or not. But things definitely don’t look good for the former TUF fighter.

Quinton Jackson
No case quite caught the attention of the media like Quinton Rampage Jackson’s rampage across town. This story is like an onion with many layers of sketchy goodness, so I’ll do my best to capture them all without having to write a book. Shortly after losing his light heavyweight belt to Forrest Griffin, Jackson went on a religious fast and refused to sleep for several days. This combined with the stress of the loss and a ‘betrayal’ by his former coach led Jackson to crack.

He spent his time watching bogus pseudo-science tapes like The Secret, and convinced himself that he had accidentally killed his friend via the the Law of Attraction. Fearing for his friend’s safety, he jumped in his jacked up monster truck and sped across town, sideswiping several parked vehicles along the way. It didn’t take long for police to start chasing him, and eventually they forced him to stop and took him into custody.

Rampage was charged with multiple felony charges of evading a peace officer, evading while driving recklessly, driving against traffic, and fleeing the scene of an accident. Extra charges were also considered after a woman who’s vehicle was hit by Jackson miscarried. All this just wrapped up on January 7th, with Jackson pleading guilty to one felony count of evading a peace officer, driving against traffic and driving recklessly. He will receive a delayed sentencing in 2010 that will result in a maximum of 6 months in prison (but most likely will just end up being probation).

Chris Leben
Booked by the UFC to face off against Michael Bisping at UFC 85 in London, Leben learned that he would be unable to leave the country. This was due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest in relation to a DUI parole violation. Deciding to take the issue on head first, he turned himself in to the Clackamas County Sheriffs in Oregon, figuring he’d get a slap on the wrist. Instead, the police locked him up for 35 days, resulting in the cancellation of his fight.

Pat Smith
Pat Smith is fucking oldschool … his MMA career started in 1993 at UFC 1 and he’s still going strong, holding a 8-2 record since 2006. But not everything is rosy in Smith’s life. Two weeks before he was scheduled to appear on the infamously terrible YAMMA fight card, he was arrested after he led police on a 120 MPH+ chase on his motorcycle. He was charges with felony attempt to elude, possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription, and reckless driving.

That wasn’t the end of Smith’s trouble. As a result of his name being run through the system, he was picked up a month later for failing to register himself as a sex offender, a charge he earned by fondling a 14 year old girl in 1999.

Joe Son
Talk about a blast from the past. Joe Son first appeared on the MMA scene as Kimo’s manager at UFC 3, and followed that up with a brutal loss to Keith Hackney that involved Hackney hammering at Joe’s groin. 3 more losses later (bringing him to a career 0-4), Joe Son left mixed martial arts and was next seen in the first Austin Powers movie as Random Task, a parody of the James Bond villain Oddjob.

Following this, things would not go well for Son. Reports have him living in his car at the time of an arrest for a felony vandalism charge. I don’t know what the hell you have to vandalize for it to be a felony, but that charge would result in him having to give a DNA sample. That sample would tie him to something much worse: a gang rape that occurred back in 1990.

Joe Son was charged with multiple counts of forcible rape, copulation, sexual penetration with a foreign object, kidnapping, use of firearms and bodily injury to sexually assault a victim. All these charges carry a penalty of up to 275 years in prison.

Honorable Mentions: People who were nicked near the end of 2007: Din Thomas, Jon Koppenhaver, and Ryan Gracie. Josh Neer missed being on the list by just over 2 hours, getting the first arrest of the year on January 1st 2009. There’s a special place in hell for alleged murder / suicide fighter Justin Levens, but he technically wasn’t arrested so he doesn’t make it on this list. Don’t worry, we’ll get to him during the BFTS award.

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