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The Worsties: Dumbest Fighter Nominations

We added a ‘Dumbest Fighter’ category to the Worsties because win or lose, you can still be a total fucking retard. And we want to recognize the fighters who excelled in being total morons inside and outside of the cage. Guys like Drew Fickett, who managed to screw himself out of several high profile fights before dropping an L against some nobody in Hawaii. Or Jesse Taylor, who urinated himself on national television and managed to get himself kicked out of the UFC twice in a matter of a few months.

You might think Jesse is a shoe in, but you can’t deny that Kalib Starnes has a good chance of sweeping several categories in the Worsties. From choosing the dumbest gameplan against Nate Quarry to defending his performance by saying the UFC “doesn’t pay me enough to suffer brain damage” (too late buddy), Kalib builds a strong case and will surely make it onto the nominations list.

But what about the less heralded morons of the sport? Mike Pyle refused a contract extension and welterweight title bout with EliteXC because he was upset over Gina Carano getting promoted more than him. Jon Koppenhaver wants to move to the Philippines where he can beat up who he wants, when he wants. Nick Diaz tried to slip a medical marijuana card for ADD past the CSAC. And Hermes Franca asked to be released from the UFC so he could fight overseas, not realizing his steroid suspension barred him from fighting overseas.

There’s countless stories of fighters doing dumb shit. We need you to nominate the dumbest fighters and give us examples of their retardation. We’ll put the best together for voting at the end of the month. So what are you waiting for! Let’s hear your nominations!