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The Worsties: Biggest Dickhead Promoter

The role of MMA promoter is a thankless job. You spend all your time stirring the pot to raise awareness for your product. You try your best to make boring as dirt fighters seem interesting. You jockey with other promoters for brand awareness. And for all this you get little other than the label of biggest dickhead in the sport. Oh, and lots and lots of money. Fucking dickheads.

Sure, I think we all know who’s going to lead the nominations for this one but it will be interesting to see what reasons you give for considering X or Y promoter a dickhead. “DANA FUCKING WHITE” is rather obvious, but how about “DANA FUCKING WHITE BECAUSE HE EATS BABIES!” Or how about “JARED SHAW IS A CHILD MOLESTER! FOR 100% SERIOUSLY REAL” Ha ha, not really. Okay yes. Just kidding. Not. For real. Allegedly.

So go for it peeps: give us your nominations for worst promoter and the reasons why. Big or small, this is an opportunity to show off the major waddage of the guys who run the show!

We’ve already got these other categories open for nominations:
-Dumbest Fighter
-Worst Ref
-Most Overpaid Fighter
-Worst Overall Event
-Worst MMA Clothing Company

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