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The World’s Most Nastiest Veins

If you thought the picture of Mark Coleman’s kid’s pectorals was kinda gross, check out the nasty veins on the Worlds Most Dangerous Man at the Cage Rage weigh-ins. I’m also digging the reverse redneck tan he’s got going: lobster red down the middle and white ghost with the arms.

  • Xavier says:

    On the juice again, just can’t wait to get on the juice again… fighting in England is my friend, oh I can’t wait to get on the juice again.

    Shamrock is starting to look old-creepy like Jon Basedow (ref:

  • Steve4192 says:

    Ken’s vascularity is back. Nothing like good old Vitamin S for jazzing up the gun show.

  • kentyman says:

    You can actually see chunks of hotdog being pumped through!

  • dignan says:

    My guess is a nice combo/stack of steroids and HGH.

    Very Stallone looking:

  • pauli says:

    coleman’s kid’s pectorals? i’m fairly sure that even you wouldn’t post a pic like that, fl.

    at least, not till she’s 18.

  • Sean says:

    I think he meant her abs, not pecs, unless hes got some other pictures we don’t know of…

  • Sean says:

    Doing a bit of research, Sylvester looks like that cause he tore his pectoral.

    “While in a bench pressing contest with former Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu, he severely tore his pectoral muscle and needed over 160 stitches on it.”

  • haha man. I fail at anatomy. I’m gonna leave that there as a testament to my stupidity

  • fightfan says:

    Off subject a bit….At least with Coleman taknig on Lesnar soon, That prevents Shaw and EliteXC from having the freakshow between Coleman and Kimbo.

    If Shamrock takes on Kimbo, they will start running out of cans with a name and in their over the hill 40’s at the least to fight

    Who knows, maybe Dan Severn will fight Kimbo on hios 60 birthday. Or how about Kimbo vs George Foreman….What?, he has got to be over 60 these days.

    PLAIN and SIMPLE…They will continue feeding Kimbo old, over the hill, 10 years plus past their prime names to fight. They will run out soon enough and he will have to face someone as the likes of Eddie Sanchez….

    Actually I dont even see Kimbo fighting someone as “skilled” , and I say that lightly as Eddie Sanchez.

  • garth says:

    Kimbo-Don Frye. Kimbo-Kimo. Great name matchup. Kimbo-Bas! The student becomes the master!

  • Erin says:

    Anyone seen Underworld? ‘Cause really, that looks like what happens to the werewolves after getting hit with the liquid silver bulletts. Veins all distorted and shit. Ew.

  • zeke says:

    “Anyone seen Underworld? ‘Cause really, that looks like what happens to the werewolves after getting hit with the liquid silver bulletts. Veins all distorted and shit. Ew.”

    Holy fucking shit!! That’s exactly what it looks like!

  • Victor says:

    he looks well into his 50’s, maybe even 60’s with a few more gray hairs. Poor guy =[.

  • HexRei says:

    Wow, his tan really is sad. someone should explain that you need to rotate and spread your arms a little when you’re using that tanning bed.

  • geiger says:

    So Cage Rage doesnt test? Shamrock looks juiced to the gills!

  • Dru Down says:

    It’s weird how the redness is so much worse on his neck, and it sort of spreads out from there. It’s like its coming from inside him…

  • Ross says:

    I thought ProElite announced they were going to drug test at these events like how the UFC drug tests at their UK events.

  • Garfy says:

    If you think that’s bad check out Kevin Randlemans veiny legs during the Fedor fight.

  • Gary says:

    Most nastiest? whats the point in writing most when you’ve written nastiest?

  • Sean says:

    Ummm I think he was being deliberately stupid for the title, plus I think it sounds better that way Gary. Way to ruin the fun.

  • zeke says:

    “Most nastiest? whats the point in writing most when you’ve written nastiest?”

    You’re a fucking douche.

  • Johnwall says:

    Shamrock could probably be taking supplements with stuff in them, but I don’t think he would flat out inject the needle; I mean, his son is in the game now and I think he wants to set a good example for his son. Look, I’m a Hallmark Card 😉

  • jackal-matt says:

    Jake, seriously why the fuck does he have airbubbles in his veins?

  • Yeah ‘Most Nastiest Veins” is a tribute to the “Most Dangerous Man”. It’s most definitely not proper english :-p

  • fitdaws says:

    He looks great! Obviously training hard for this fight, I hope he kicks ass!

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    He didn’t. He got his ass kicked. Ha.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Ken Shamrock should just retire. Losing to a 11-7 Cage Rage fighter is embarrassing. This isn’t the Ken Shamrock we remember and love. Frank will kill him.