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The WishKid12 prediction challenge

Normally I find prediction videos on Youtube to be too painful to watch but this one jumped out at me. Typically when you’ve got kids doing predictions you can tell that Dad is behind the camera forcing them to do it. Not so with WishKid12, who seems to know her shit / needs to be on Ritalin. There she is above giving her UFC 89 predictions.

We here at Fightlinker are always interested in testing ourselves, especially since we’re preparing for another blogger challenge. So as a bit of a warm up we’ve decided to take on WishKid12 in a UFC 89 predict-off. There’s nothing at stake here except our pride, and just to make things a bit more interesting I’m also going to keep an eye on the predictions of other MMA bloggers and see how they do against this 12 year old girl.