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The weekend’s odds

This weekend is a cornucopia of wide open odds for you to gamble your welfare checks away on. The complete cards for UFC and Affliction were added to the BetUS sportsbook and I thought I’d take a few seconds to go over some of the more interesting odds I had noticed.

The most insulting odds: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (-1000) vs Edwin Dewees (+650)
I don’t think I’ve ever seen worse odds than this in MMA. In fact, the only time I’ve ever seem worse odds in any sport was when Bodog put up a speculative line on Roy Jones Jr vs Anderson Silva. While many people are devoting time to writing articles on why Tim Sylvia, Pedro Rizzo, and Paul Buentello are capable of winning their fights, no one has really wasted any breath on trying to dispell Dewees’ status as sacrificial lamb. I’d make a half hearted attempt to point out his 27 submission wins in 45 fights, but after watching him get absolutely handled on the ground by Frank Trigg back in December … nah.

The juiciest underdog: Tim Sylvia (+300) vs Fedor (-400)
It’s been a very long time since Fedor has fought anyone any good, and people tend to dismiss Tim Sylvia’s skills because he’s a douchebag and not very exciting. But when you’re looking at the tools Tim has, I think he stands a very good chance of dragging this fight to a decision, or even (gasp?!?!) knocking Fedor out. Of course, any time you talk about underdog being a good pick, it’s worth mentioning that they’re the underdog for a reason: it’s more likely that Fedor will win. But I think +300 doesn’t give Tim enough credit, so there’s certainly an edge worth playing on that one.

The most overblown favorite: Vitor Belfort (-350) vs Terry Martin (+250)
Vitor is like the abusive relationship you keep going back to because “Things are gonna be different this time”. No, they’re not. Old Vitor is long gone and everyone knows it. But every time he’s booked, there’s the same old song and dance: “Old Vitor is back!” No. No he’s not.

The underdog that shouldn’t be the underdog: Hermes Franca (+110) vs Frankie Edgar (-140)
Mind you it’s close, but there’s no way in my mind that Franca walks into this fight against Edgar the underdog. Hermes has shown that he can finish people off without a problem, while Frankie Edgar is a decision machine. If the odds were reversed I probably wouldn’t bother playing this, but since they’re how they are, I’mma gettin’ in on this shit.

Now here is where I tell you that BetUS is the best place to go if you’re gonna be doing some UFC betting or otherwise. They is nice people and they treat us at Fightlinker well and I have no doubt that they’ll treat you well too. Make sure to mention us when signing up … it’s one of the ways we make enough money to work full time on providing you MMA news that’s rife with swear words and insults.