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The WEC was awesome

As usual, the WEC blew all the other recent shows away to claim the title for most entertaining MMA event in a while. I’m not gonna go into lame hyperbole and say “If you don’t watch the WEC, then you’re not a true MMA fan”, but I will say that you’re missing some awesome fights. The last WEC had fight of the year shoe-in Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda, and last night’s event featured another in Carlos Condit vs. Hiromitsu Miura. At first I thought that I was biased because I had put money down on Miura, but it seems like everyone else agrees: that fight was simply awesome.

(oh, and ’cause I’m yer pal I’m going to break my regular rule of not linking to Zuffa content … you can watch it here!)

Past that I’m not gonna go through the event fight by fight – that’s for the other sites to do. I’ll simply finish this post up by saying the entire event was awesome from start to finish, and if you have the opportunity to catch it via TV or some kind of mysterious internet method, you should do it. DO IT.