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The WEC renews it’s vows with Versus

The whole Versus / World Extreme Cagefighting situation has been a bit sketchy since Versus got dumped by DirectTV and the UFC’s recent injury pile made it pretty apparent that the UFC was losing all sorts of theoretical money keeping it’s less than lightweight fighters in the smaller organization.  Things weren’t helped much by the fact that a new deal between Versus and WEC kept getting teased and then delayed … that pushed ‘rumors’ (started by Dana, by the way) of the WEC folding into the UFC to such a boil that WEC officials said they were sick of addressing them and wouldn’t respond to that line of questioning anymore.

But now a new ‘long term deal’ has finally been signed, although no details are being released until Versus and the WEC can cobble together a press release or whatever junk they plan to do to toot their horn and celebrate the arrangement. Barring my fantasy hallucination of the WEC turning into the UFC’s washout league, I’m happy to see the WEC continue as it is for now, but here’s hoping Zuffa leveraged the situation so that the WEC gets better treatment (no more preempting for Sports Soup, k thx) and stops being the NHL’s bitch during hockey’s bullshit endless season.