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The WCL doesn’t suck that much

I know I’m probably gonna get crucified for this, but I have something I have to say: Chuck Norris’ World Combat League isn’t really THAT bad. To put things in perspective, I’d rather watch the WCL than the IFL any day of the week. Of course, I’d rather wash my face with a cheese grater than watch the IFL, so perhaps that’s not all that much perspective. Hmmm.

This all came to me when Luke got all uppity with the WCL again. He’s been on a tear with them since they basically said groundfighting = pussy fighting. And while I definitely question a marketing pitch that alienates hardcore fight fans (and makes totally bogus claims while doing it), I was still willing to give the WCL a chance. After all, this is ‘Fight’ linker, not MMA linker. Any sport where people kick the shit outta eachother is worth a looksie as far as I’m concerned.

So I checked out the WCL’s season opener, New York vs New Jersey, and here’s my thoughts:

The team concept: I’ve never been a big fan of the team concept in MMA, but when you’re burning through an hour of fights with 12 anonymous fighters, the best way to give the story any kind of narrative is through a team setup. So I’m gonna give the WCL here a pass on this.

The fight setup: This is a bit dumb. It’s two three minute rounds, but the rounds are split up so you fight one round and then later in the show you fight the second. So basically you’re fighting the same guy twice in one night. Not only is this dumb and repetitive, but half the time one of the fighters isn’t able to fight again. The 3 minute rounds are pretty ADD, meaning the fights end before they even really get started.

Penalties: The refs give out penalties like porn stars give out blowjobs. You get point deductions for holding, stalling, passivity. Shit, it’s hard to think of things you DON’T get penalized for. But since the fight is only 3 minutes long, it makes sense that you don’t want guys wasting even 30 seconds.

The standing 8 count: Here’s what I had a big problem with … you get knocked out, and the ref gets to decide if you can continue and gives you a standing 8 count. I mentioned before that getting KO’d twice in a row is pretty fucking dangerous, so I’m definately not down with this.

Females fighting: This is a plus. The teams are made up of 6 people, one of which is a girl. I’m always glad to see women included in fightsports, so thumbs up to Chuck Norris for letting them compete.

Danny Abbadi: Yep, he fights for the WCL. And yep, he sucked just as bad in the WCL as he did on The Ultimate Fighter.

Overall the fighters are pretty inexperienced since the ‘sport’ is just starting up. It’d be interesting to see what would happen if they brought over some hard ass thai motherfuckers to battle it out in this system. The fights were pretty entertaining – the short rounds and refs who’ll deduct a point for blinking the wrong way keep the fighters banging it out from start to end, although it also results in a lot of unskilled flailing rather than proper setups showing real technique.

In the end, the WCL is hyperactive eye candy at this point. But I don’t see why there’s not room for a league like this in the US, since K1 has about zero exposure here. I’m probably going easy on them because quite frankly it’s something different and it’s pretty easy watching. Bad MMA can be pretty painful to witness, but most of the fights here are entertaining if they’re not good, and the bad ones are over in three minutes.

And no, they’re not paying me to say this. Although perhaps being left to live is considered payment when you’re talking about Chuck Norris….

  • FRANKIE says:

    I hate the WCL even more than you hate the IFL. Hard to believe, I know, but true nonetheless.

  • Thomas aka Hattori Hanzo says:

    Kryptonite has been found to contain trace elements of Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks to the face. This is why it is so deadly to Superman.

  • Accomando says:

    WCL is so gay, way gayer than the IFL.

  • FRANKIE says:

    Also, Chuck Norris facts stopped being funny three minutes after they were first published.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    IFL & WCL suck harder than a vietnamese prostitute.

  • andres says:

    Nuhuh there always funny I think its kinda crazy he can slam a revoleing door

    Id be a lot better if they have five ounce gloves and in a ring with fight shorts not no taekwondo pants that’s kinda gay and yea they should bring some crazy cunt from thailand to take care of some bullshit

    I wonder if steven segal made a show would it be better?

    Mother fucking yes it would be

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Man, I am so fucking sick of everyone talking shit about the IFL. The funny thing is, saying that you hate the IFL is trendier in MMA circles then saying you hate Ewe Boll in film school. The analogy is that most people say it without really having those feeling themselves but just for the fact that it is “cool” to say. That was a bad analogy because the IFL is actually good, whereas Boll’s films are trite wastes of time.

    If you look past that everyone thinks it’s fucking TRENDY to hate on the IFL, there is much enjoyment to be had. Yes, the IFL brass has made some bad decision that negatively effected the company, but you don’t watch the UFC according to what the Fertitas say and do, do you? And yes, Battleground 1 was awful! Sure, they have made some promises that they didn’t keep, but show me an organization that doesn’t!!

    YOU WATCH MMA FOR THE FIGHTS, and the IFL HAS SOME GOOD FIGHTS. Most of the fighters in the IFL are young guys, just trying to seek some recognition. And how can they make a name for themselves? BY GOING OUT THERE, DOING THEIR BEST AND PUTTING IT ALL ON THE LINE!! See, the thing is, most of the IFL fights are pretty interesting! These guys GO AT IT! They make their paycheck regardless, so they aren’t as worried about losing and getting booted like fighters in the UFC! If you guys pull your head out of your asses, you would realize this!

    RYAN, I am so sick of you ragging on the IFL so hard! You’re just adding to this snowball that makes other MMA fans think that it is cool to talk shit about the IFL! I guarantee you right now that a lot of the people that have talked shit about the IFL haven’t even watched more than one show, at the most!

    Seriously, this has got to stop! IFL is MMA! You are a fan of MMA, or so you claim! How in the hell can you even begin to say that the WCL is more interesting than the IFL! Now you’re just getting ridiculous!

    Fucking “trendy” to say that the IFL sucks, sheeesh! How can you expect them to get any better when these idiots keep talking shit about it without pushing through the haze of being predisposed to disliking it to actually give it a chance and see that it is worth watching!

    I’m not even that big of a fan of the IFL, I’m just sick of this BULLSHIT!!

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Uwe Boll, whatever, damn it!

  • FRANKIE says:

    I’m going to go on record saying I completely agree with GonzoDamon there. Other than the bad business plan I haven’t seen anything to hate about the IFL. There are some changes I’d like to see (do they still do four minute rounds?), but most of what I’ve seen from them has been fun, competitive fights.

  • Sorry man, I was one of the first people on the IFL hate bus from the day I saw an article about them in Business magazine to the first time i watched one of their shows on Fox to the battleground shows i watched over and over as they relaunched it over and over to the tournament shows to the HDNet shows.

    Watching it is like pulling teeth. Yes, I do watch for the fights. But seeing the same guys fighting again, watching terribly edited and fucking abridged fights where they sometimes would CUT AWAY FROM THE FINISH because it was too violent? The battleground shows were simply stupid, you get frustrated because it’s like watching some poorly put together highlight show with no context or anything. And finally with the latest incarnation it was just very low level MMA. It’s a painful turd to watch, and I really do wish I could like them. As I said, I’ve given them so many chances, I must have watched over 20 hours of IFL content and it is just fucking bad.

    Just because it’s MMA doesn’t mean I’m going to like it. It’s got to be good MMA, which means it’s gotta either have names or up and comers. Right now the league is awash in ‘talent’ that’s not going anywhere, and they’re just not that interesting to watch.

  • kentyman says:

    I heard Roy Nelson could beat Fedor’s ass while holding his breathe.

  • garth says:

    i’ve enjoyed IFL before. i liked schultz beating the fuck out of chris horodecki. that was brutal.

  • Ross says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with Norris boasting about more of his fighters being knocked out than anywhere else? I know it’s a combat sport and that fighters are going to be hurt, but there’s just something wrong with being proud of it.

  • Tanner says:

    Garth – That was one of the only fights worth watching in my opinion.

    Honestly i’ve watched tons of IFL and i can’t even get into it. I’ll watch it because its MMA on TV but the whole team concept sucked. I know I know, they changed it to camps but from what Randy Couture said they wanted to use fighters from ATT to fight under Xtreme Couture banner. I honestly think the camp vs camp thing could work. but they’re still trying to fuck that up too.

  • Zane says:

    Chuck Norris’ penis has a penis. And that penis is still bigger than yours.

  • garth says:

    tanner: i think i’ve been spared the worst of IFL because I don’t get MyNetworkTV or whatever the hell that is. I’ve only seen it on FSN. the crappy editing i remember from Pride fights on FSN…they’d linger on someone in the crowd while the fight was happening….bah

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I don’t like the IFL because, like FL said, its low-level MMA. I just don’t find the fights entertaining at all. As for all the other issues with the IFL, I don’t care about that one bit cause I do watch MMA for the fights and not the politics.

  • Millertime says:

    I don’t like the IFL cause it is trendy to not like the IFL.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    I don’t like the IFL because their three best fighters are a sixteen year old canadian kid who just got his ass kicked like he was the rival highschool mascot, a Tim Sylvia wannabe who got his start beating up fat kids and left the IFL because the best fight they could offer him was a fat washed up cokehead, and an intensely boring Russian high school wrestling coach called The Janitor.

    And they fired Carlos Newton to bring in Ian fucking Freeman. What the fuck.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Oh and the WCL is some gay bullshit fightlinker. Come on.

  • andres says:

    Yea the ifl uh I wsatched some fights but they stall a lot and it fucken sucked yup I watched on wcl fight uhh it was ok but I still think it sucked

    I just wish the ufc would just say fuck u to grapplers like jon fitch and matt hughes and bring back fighters who don’t give a fuck if they lose they just wanna bang like me hahaha

  • Accomando says:

    “…CUT AWAY FROM THE FINISH because it was too violent?…”

    That is so PRIDE on FSN, they do that ALL the time! Don’t recall a time when the IFL did that, but I could be wrong.

    In fact, I remember the first IFL show ever, they were advertising throughout the show… “…Someone is going home in a stretcher…” and then Bart Paleszewski knocked off that Schultz guy’s head, that was a pretty awesome fight too. Yeah, the IFL did a lot of gay things, but many of the fights were good and at a higher level than most MMA organizations.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I really can’t get into the IFL. I was excited about the camp concept and then they fuck it up. Some of the fights are exciting though. IFL is practically free MMA though so I’m not too hard on them. With HDNet, they plan at least twenty four live events a year. If you add up all that MMA plus InsideMMA, you get a lot of bang for your buck there. I question Mark Cuban’s investment all that time and money into MMA on his network though because like 4/5 internet MMA fans don’t have HDNet and many of them who do want it can’t get it in their area or with their service provider. Until HDTVs proliferate, there will be more MMA fans who watch 704×400 or 768×432 resolution XviD rips of HDNet’s MMA than watching it on the actual channel.